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Lake Tahoe Chapter Activities & Projects


 America 250!


Chapter Registrar Carrie Champness
, chair of the American 250! Committee has been busy on our chapter’s Patriot Snapshots.  She has completed all 22 original application Patriots and submitted to the State American 250! Committee to be included in the California State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution digital scrapbook.  This scrapbook will be shared during the state conference in March 2021. The committees have been gearing up for the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Through our DAR activities and service we have the opportunity to inspire our members and our communities by discovering, remembering, and sharing the stories of our patriot ancestors as we celebrate America 250!

Below is an example of Carrie's submissions to the State American 250! scrapbook.


Thank you Carrie for your hard work & dedication!




Wreaths Across America

The Wreaths Across America ceremony was prerecorded at Happy Homestead Cemetery in South Lake Tahoe, November 13-14, 2020. You can view the ceremony on YouTube: Wreaths2020

Shari Bera, Treasurer; Carrie Champness, Registrar; Susan Broderick, State Regent; Rosemary Manning, Chapter Regent; Sally Holcombe, Honorary Regent

State Regent Susan Broderick

State Regent Susan Broderick with South Lake Tahoe Fire & Rescue

Chapter Regent Rosemary Manning and State Regent Susan Broderick with Bagpiper Maria Delalo.



Lake Tahoe Chapter
Day of Service
at Happy Homestead Cemetery

October 11, 2020







  Laura Trimberger & Gloria Gibbel (October 11, 2020)


COMMEMORATIONS Lake Tahoe Daughters commemorate events that are important in our United States history.  Chapter members honor these important dates in a variety of ways, including marching in the South Lake Tahoe 4th of July Parade.

July 4, 2019

July 4, 2019



Honoring Constitution Week at El Dorado County Library, South Lake Tahoe CA
September 1, 2019




-  December 14, 2019 Lake Tahoe Chapter conducted the very first Wreaths Across America Ceremony to be presented in the greater Lake Tahoe Basin.  The ceremony’s location was South Lake Tahoe’s Happy Homestead Cemetery. The ceremony’s attendees and participants included DAR Daughters, the cemetery’s Director, members of American Legion Post #795 and the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, firefighters from the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department, family and friends.  Music was provided by a bagpiper and her sister who sang The National Anthem.  The chapter’s hope is that this ceremony will grow and become part of everybody’s Holiday traditions.






Even before the chapter was organized, the DAR Daughters in the greater Lake Tahoe area voted to adopt the Al Tahoe Pioneer Cemetery in the old Al Tahoe historic neighborhood of South Lake Tahoe as a permanent project.  Chapter members did a walking survey of the cemetery for their October 11, 2018 DAR Day of Service.  The goal was to determine original boundaries of this pioneer cemetery, and to estimate the number of burials.  Since then, the chapter has organized a community-wide committee in support of the cemetery.  Along with DAR members, the committee has representation from the City of South Lake Tahoe, the Kiwanis of Tahoe Sierra, the Lake Tahoe Historical Society and the California Tahoe         Conservancy. 

                                                                                              "Day of Service" October 11, 2018                  
Chapter Regent Rosemary Manning has earned a grant for the chapter that has been matched by the City of South Lake Tahoe.  The funds will cover the cost of ground-penetrating radar.  That, plus genealogical research by chapter members, will help to establish the identities of who is buried in the cemetery and where all the burials are located.  This information is vital to understanding where restoration can take place within the cemetery.



Presenting our two 2019-2020 Good Citizens Awardees with a US flag that had been flown over the U.S. Capital.
From left to right: Georgette Palaroan, awardee from South Tahoe High School Serena Palaroan, Mt. Tallac High School awardee Julian Bunn, Jason Bunn, Lake Tahoe Chapter Regent, Rosemary Manning
(July 13, 2020)




The DAR Donations Jar is passed around at each meeting.  Collected donations rotate between DAR Schools, DAR Project Patriot, and the Sugar Pine Foundation.








- Each July 5th, community members around Lake Tahoe clean up the trash that accumulates during the July 4th festivities.  Lake Tahoe Chapter Daughters participate in this annual cleanup.      

                                                                                                                        July 5, 2019










Food for Thought is Lake Tahoe Chapter’s program to support homeless students on the campus of Lake Tahoe Community College.  At each meeting, chapter members donate food and personal hygiene items to the campus Food Pantry. This program assists with food and other necessities for students who are facing food and housing insecurities.



- Lake Tahoe Chapter members provided hot lunches during finals weeks in March and June 2019 for veterans of our armed forces who are attending Lake Tahoe Community College.


















HAND-CRAFTED ITEMS FOR VETERANSLake Tahoe Chapter Daughters live at least two hours from the nearest VA Medical Center.  One way they serve hospitalized veterans is to create quilted, sturdy wheelchair/walker bags and bedside buckets.  These are provided to patients at the Mather VA Medical Center, Sacramento, California, and to medical facilities in South Lake Tahoe caring for local hospitalized veterans.



DAR Daughters everywhere support the path to United States citizenship.  Because Lake Tahoe Chapter is in the High Sierra where the nearest naturalization ceremonies are two hours away, chapter find other ways to honor new citizens.  In this case, a reception was held by chapter members.  New citizen Jessica Torres was presented with a certificate and a copy of the DAR Manual for Citizenship to share with other members of the immigrant community.


The chapter supports the local Sugar Pine Foundation with its donations.  The foundation is attempting to halt the spread of white blister rust in the sugar pine population by collecting cones from trees proven to be resistant to the disease.  Seeds from these cones are planted and the resulting seedlings are planted at reforestation sites all around the Lake Tahoe Basin.  The foundation provides opportunities for DAR Daughters to participate in reforestation and to visit reforestation sites where their donations have made a difference.


Pictured below - Lake Tahoe Chapter Regent Rosemary Manning planting sugar pine trees. (May 28, 2020)

Rosemary Manning planting sugar pines

(May 28, 2020)