Chapter History

On February 5, 2019, the Lake Tahoe Chapter, NSDAR, became an officially recognized chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). Chapter members are proud to be part of the California State Society DAR (CSSDAR). 

Organizing Officers (2018-2020)
Organizing Regent                      Sally Holcombe

Organizing Vice Regent              Rosemary Manning
Organizing Chaplain                   Dawn Hill
Organizing Secretary                   Shari Bera
Organizing Treasurer                   Laura Trimberger
Organizing Registrar                   Gloria Gibbel
Organizing Historian/Librarian   Audrey Langmayer

Organizing Members:
Shari Haight Bera
Briana Yvonne Biller

Caroline Barbara Scholl Black
Karen Marie Miller Borges, DC
Linda Susan Peterson Corsentino
Gloria Watson Gibbel
Sharon Elizabeth Winslow Helms
Dawn Marilynn Hill
Sally Jean Bolster Holcombe
Veronica Michelle Drew Kane
Audrey Alice Langmayer
Rosemary Manning
Ashley Madisen Menasco
Cynthia Evelyn Wion Olof
Laura Marie Smith Trimberger
Kersti Jeanna Olof Valerian
Donna Charleen Thomson Walker
Joi Ellen Walker
Kimberly Anne Wyatt

Charter Members:
Peggy Marie Poffenberger Bellisario
Cynthia Annette Brown Carlson
Carrie Christine Stafford Champness
Janis Ann Hansen Coleman
Deneé Thomas Fenton
Patricia Louise Ferraro, DPM
Shelby Lynn Reasy Kolstad
Cathy Lee Macialek Vogelsang

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution  NSDAR

California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution CSSDAR